Safety Standards And Measures at Magic Camps

Measures to be taken on daily basis for Covid-19 reasons

  • Training and daily staff Reminders on the Hygiene protocol and measures (social distancing, hand wash and periodic sanitizing, textiles gloves to be changed periodically, coughing etiquette, correct use of chemicals, face mask to be worn in all food production area and guest contacts...),
  • Any staff member with any simplest abnormal symptoms will be taken seriously and excluded from work and co-workers contact until further notice,
  • Staff members are advised to notify their supervisor in case they see abnormal signs with any co-worker or guest,
  • Hand sanitizers for guests are available all times: arrival, departure, before and after meals…,
  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitizing than normal,
  • Tents to be re-sanitized just before the guests arrival and during their stay (following their approval),
  • Tents and common areas are always ventilated by virtue of the Camp concept and by the location in the desert,
  • In case of more than 1 or 2 guest bookings/files, the tents divisions will be far-distanced,
  • In case of discovering any infected guest with COVID-19, the tent will be uninstalled, quarantined and cleaned. The common areas (reception and sunset lounge...) will be subject to a severe cleaning and disinfecting process,
  • Using the right sanitizer and cleaner in the laundry and dishwashers, verifying that they are working on the right temperature and dosage,
  • Maximize the severity of the rules and regulations of the food safety and production procedures, starting from the HACCP processes,
  • Minimize the number of staff working and not necessary in the food production area,
  • During buffet service, guests will not be touching any cutlery (plates, forks...),
  • Minimize the physical/hand touch of the food to one person, especially during external food delivery,
  • Satellite phone number will be available for emergency calls,
  • All necessary info or Camp amendments for COVID-19 reasons will be introduced during the Guest Welcoming at the Camp,
  • Follow up and keep the Camp Team updated with the newest preventive measures and procedures from the WHO.

Why Choose Magic Camp ?

The Camps Team will put all its efforts to make the stay of the clients as perfect as possible through the respect of our safety measures.

Magic Camp covers one Majlis, sunset lounge and 10 Units (1 unit = 1 tent and 1 toilet) on a space of 90’000 sqm: therefore, social distancing is easy to apply,

The fact that social distancing procedures are already adopted by Magic Camp, not only for COVID-19 reasons, but for the Camp concept and the guests’ privacy objectives. One of the aims of Magic Camp is to let the guests feel that they are in a private camp, alone in the desert.

  • Tents are far from each other,
  • Reception and Sunset lounge seatings are divided in a private way as per each guest/file booking,
  • Dinner and breakfast tables are widely and distantly divided for privacy reasons,
  • 98% of Magic Camp food service is personalized and portions are served individually ; buffet are served only during MICE bookings,
  • Seats are always in open air,
  • Magic Camps didn’t host any local guest.
  • All of our guests are expatriates and requested to make the PCR test before their arrival, so the risk to accommodate any infected guest is almost non-existent.

As a reminder:

  • No air conditioning ventilation,
  • No hand dryers or similar devices,
  • No shared WCs in the restaurant,
  • No physical front desk,
  • No “Check In” procedures are needed, formalities are made internally between Magic Arabia and Magic Camp (no physical contact or documents exchange),
  • No elevators,
  • No ATMs or credit card to use,
  • No plastic texture surfaces to use (where COVID’s life can be more durable) : remote control, faucets, doors and furniture handles, safety boxes...
  • The location of our Camp and the staff dormitories are in the desert. Crowded area is very far from the Camp ; contacts of the staff with other people are almost non-existent.
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